Pasture Pork

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Misty Acre pork, supporting local community agriculture in Massachusetts.

Our pasture raised pork was produced in a collaborative of Four Acre Farms & Misty Meadow Farm of Norfolk MA. Since 2016 our piglets have been bred on a historic Westport MA farm before being weaned and coming to reside on our dedicated multi acre pasture.

Our pigs are allowed to free range their pasture day and night eating grass, native plants, roots, nuts and insects that pigs naturally enjoy. They are given daily meals of GMO-Free Corn and soybean, which was sourced and roasted on local farms in Hardwick MA. This feed ration ensures that they have all the nutrition their growing bodies need. Additionally, they receive treats such as apples, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, and other yummy items from our local gardens. Finally our pigs were processed by a  USDA licensed butcher located in Hopkinton MA.

We like to call our pigs the “lucky one percenters”. They were given the high quality standard of living which all animals deserve, but few receive. While most pork in the stores comes from warehouse factory farms, our pigs choose to live outside the majority of the time. Because of this they are healthier, and we never feed our pigs antibiotics like large commercial farms must.   Free to do as the please, you most often would find them napping in a sunny spot in the mornings, and a cool puddle in the afternoons. It’s not all lounging though, they are often on the hunt for tasty treats they root up from the ground, playing in the grass or happily squealing as they go running through the pasture to see a neighbor who stopped by for a visit by the fence.

We hope you and your family have an opportunity to purchase and enjoy what we think is some of the best pork Massachusetts has to offer. All the while you’ll be supporting all the local Massachusetts farms and businesses that combined together to bring you this wonderful product.